System quality attributes are relevant to the concept of trust because recent research suggests that technical aspects of IT artifacts affect users’ willingness to trust (Gefen, Pavlou, Benbasat, McKnight, Steward, & Straub, 2006). McKnight, Choudhury, and Kacmar (2002) asserted site quality to be a stronger predictor of trusting beliefs as supported by Vance, Christophe, and Straub (2008) who found that system quality such as navigational structure and visual appeal influences user trust in mobile commerce technologies. Without efficient system quality, provision of quality services is difficult which in turn diminishes flow experiences (Aladwani & Palvia, 2002). Therefore, it is hypothesized:
H3. Perceived system quality of mobile SNS is a determinant of perceived user trust.


Perceived system quality requirements were often closely related to service quality and ease of use (Nelson & Todd, 2005). Armstrong and Hagel (1996) suggested that the lack of physical content requires compensation with “heavy reliance on technology” and “system quality”. System quality is important (Hsu & Lu, 2004) and refers to the presence of a fast, reliable connection for navigation. Others refer to quality of system as “attributive service satisfaction”, indicating that a customer’s engagement with a website is a cumulative satisfaction that encompasses site service quality and user engagement (Chiou, 2005). Garrett (2003) stated that user experience is mostly generated through the interplay of interactions between the system and the user, such as design factors like user interface, the navigation structure, the time that the system requires to process a request, and the relevance of results, the study showed that user experience relates to the accomplishment of user tasks in a more efficient or effective way. Deighton and Grayson (1995) asserted flow generated during specific tasks at a website creates memorable experiences that are believed to strengthen relationships. The optimal experience significantly influences the user’s intention to revisit a website. Therefore, if a mobile SNS platform has one of the factors listed, it will affect the user’s experience which includes enjoyment and attention focus. Thus, the following hypothesis is proposed:
H4. Perceived system quality of mobile SNS is a determinant of perceived flow.