Based on Wang, Wang, Lin, and Tang (2003), perceived credibility or trust is defined as the extent to which a person believes that using mobile service will be free of security and privacy threats. Trust will reduce perceived uncertainty and risks, thus reduce the effort spend on monitoring the mobile service provider, subsequently enhancing users’ perceived control (Pavlou, Liang, & Xue, 2007) and improving their experience. Doney and Cannon (1997) viewed trust as a set of specific beliefs dealing primarily with the integrity, benevolence and ability of another party, in this case the mobile service providers, further affecting their experiences. If users trust mobile service providers, they expect positive future experiences (Kim, Shin, & Lee, 2009). The effect of trust on flow experience has been supported by Wu and Chang (2005) that trust affects the online travel community users’ flow experience. Accordingly, it is proposed that:
H5. Perceived user trust is a determinant of perceived flow.


Trust can significantly affect users’ loyalty towards mobile SNS. Supporting this hypothesis is Corbitt, Thanasankit and Yi (2003) which suggested a strong positive effect on trust on loyalty to online firms. Trust has been shown to be a key determinant of loyalty in offline and online environments (Berry & Parasuraman, 1991). Lin and Wang (2006) examined determinants of customer loyalty in mobile contexts and found m-loyalty to be influenced by trust. This shows that trust is one of the key factors when it comes to mobile success in commerce, as when customers register with a Mobile SNS, they are giving away private information or personal data. Supporting this hypothesis in a differing study is where website trust was found to be significantly related to properties of the website, while satisfaction was significantly related to navigation functionality, and both trust and satisfaction positively influenced e-loyalty (Cyr, Head & Ivanoc, 2006). Hence, it is hypothesized that:
H6. Perceived user trust is a determinant of loyalty.