Reflecting back on the origin of this article, it is of utmost importance to note that the Sub-Committee on Minorities constituted by the Constituent Assemble Advisory Committee on Fundamental Rights and Minorities on 24 February 1947 prepared an interim report which dealt with the question fundamental right from the viewpoint of minorities and was submitted on 19 April 1947.

The report recommended for the following:

• All citizens are entitled to use their mother tongue and the script thereof, and, to adopt study or use any other language and script of their choice.

• Minorities in every unit shall be adequately protected in respect of their language and culture, and no government may enact any laws or regulations that may act oppressively or prejudicially in this respect.

• No minority whether of religion, community or language shall be deprived of rights or discriminated against in regard to the admission into state educational institutions, nor shall any religious instruction be compulsorily imposed on them.

• All Minorities ‘whether of religion, community or language’ shall be free in every unit to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice, and they shall be entitled to state aid in the same manner and measure as is given to similar state aided institutions.

• Notwithstanding any custom, law decree or usage, presumption in terms of dedication, no Hindu on grounds of caste, birth or denomination shall be precluded from entering an educational institution dedicated or intended for the use of the Hindu community or any section thereof.

• No disqualification will arise on account of sec in respect of public services or professions or admissions to educational institutions save and except that this shall not prevent the establishment of separate educational institutions for boys and girls.