Copies of the texts that the author aims to deconstruct must be located and included in the analysis. Similarly, shortcomings of the text must be identified and discussed. In addition to this, a clear description of the text must be made for easy recognition. Furthermore, the nature of the medium through which the text has been published must be identified was discussed. This must include frequency of medium, size, circulation, coverage, audience, the genre to which the text belong and the context in which the text was found. Take for instance the corporate advertising text in this paper (see figure 1). This text belongs to First Bank Nigeria Limited, now First Bank Nigeria Plc. It is a full page corporate advertisement that appears in black and white on page fifteen of Daily Times of Nigeria on Monday, September 18, 1989. Daily Times was an elite daily national newspaper. Payday Loans Online

Established in 1926 (Daily Times, 2012), the newspaper was at the time of the publication of the First Bank advertisement owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria (Daily Times, 2012). Daily Times is a tabloid size newspaper of four to six columns wide (see Figure 1) and two hundred lines deep, making a full page and a column depth of between eight hundred and one thousand two hundred lines. Although there is no exact circulation figure, it is estimated that Daily Times had a strong national audience coverage of about six million people and an estimated circulation figure of four hundred thousand between the mid and late 1980s throughout the country (Eribo, 1997).The success of the newspaper in reaching out to such wide audience between the mid and late nineties could be adduced to the nature of consumer spending power, which though was declining (Pinto, 1986), was nevertheless strong when compared with the state of the Nigerian economy today. Although Daily Times was, then owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria, it covered and presented news stories about events and people from all walks of life (Eribo, 1997). Consequently, Daily Times enjoyed the patronage of people of all classes including low income earners, middle class and the elite (Eribo, 1997). The advertisement being deconstructed is a corporate or institutional form of advertisement designed to promote First Bank’s corporate personality. This advertisement was produced with three main signifiers namely pictures (erected at the top section of the copy and covering nearly three quarters of the entire advertisement) body copy (including the headline, subheadline, specific details) printed at the lower section of the copy, a corporate logo and advertising payoff at centre of the lower end of the copy. However, the black and white state of the text thwarts its beauty, making it less appealing to the audience.

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