Analytical review of literatures at forefront CRS oriented frameworks was carried out to identify deficiencies. The deficiencies were found to have contributed to CRS reporting inadequacies such as failings to meet stakeholder requirements. From the literature we found that integrated impact assessment (IIA), a methodology used in development projects and policy interventions evaluations possess capability to resolve issues relating to CRS reporting. Also, review of reports on non -financial information reporting was carried out and it was found out that key performance indicators (KPI’s) specification and definition are important for the operations of IIA methodology driven CRS reporting system. Yet corporate responsibility and sustainability key performance indicators (CRS KPI’s) were omitted from Companies Act (2006) review as recommend in reports.

In the process of review of literatures stakeholder oriented performance management process model was found to contain basic CRS reporting attribute but lacking in IIA methodology and CRS KPI’s components. These missing components are introduced to create integrated impact assessment driven corporate responsibility and sustainability (IIA- CRS) performance reporting system. This was followed by empirical analysis of sampled FTSE 100 CRS reports by KPI’s contents. A sample of 40 companies was selected using stratified sampling strategies ensuring that samples was taken across retail services, manufacturing, financial services, and extractive (oil and gas) industries. The findings validated the importance of CRS KPI’s in the IIA – CRS performance reporting system design.

Originality and Contribution to Corporate Sustainability Practices

The paper put forward a novel CRS performance reporting system design by refining stakeholder oriented performance management process through the introduction of IIA methodology and CRS KPI’s components. With a strong view point that IIA- CRS performance reporting system would make corporate disclosure of business CRS impacts along economic, social, and environment chains of programme or policy intervention in line CRS strategy and systemic.